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Original photo above and nine photos below within one mile.

Nearby Photos within one mile.
<a href=Prior spot | Inside the Roman Col">
Prior spot | Inside the Roman Coliseum Rome, Italy [+]


<a href=Prior spot | The ruins of Rome in">
Prior spot | The ruins of Rome in the foreground and the Altare della Patria in th [+]

<a href=Prior spot | Coliseum in Rome">
Prior spot | Coliseum in Rome [+]

<a href=Prior spot | There are a few buil">
Prior spot | There are a few buildings to tour around the Ruins of Rome. [+]

<a href=Prior spot | Inside the colosseum">
Prior spot | Inside the colosseum Rome Italy [+]

<a href=Prior spot | Fontana dei Quattro ">
Prior spot | Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi Built in 1651 representing four rivers on fo [+]

<a href=Prior spot | The obelisk in front ">
Prior spot | The obelisk in front of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. [+]

<a href=Prior spot | Septimus Severus Arc">
Prior spot | Septimus Severus Arch in the background within the Ruins of Rome. [+]

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