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The easiest way to find something is to search for it in the box above. This will search all the notes available.

The services below will use your cell phone's or computer's internet service provider location information.

To turn on the location services on your Android is relatively easy. The one-step method is to swipe left or right from your home screen to see the instant settings bar. This usually has the wifi, bluetooth, and GPS icons on it. Turn on the GPS icon by clicking it; it should turn white. The more advanced way of turning on GPS and ensuring accurate location is to click on menu from the home screen (the menu button is on the bottom of android phones and may be symbolized by three dots). Then click on Settings > Scroll down to Personal : Location services > click > Access to my Location > click to turn on > Location Sources > Click to turn on GPS. The Google Wifi and mobile network location service can be turned off as this sometimes provides quick yet inaccurate location results. It could be turned on if indoors where GPS is difficult to obtain.
+Search - search for notes and photos around you based on your phone's location.
+GPS Search - accesses your phone's location and show notes around you.
+Local Photo Search - search for Instagram photos taken nearby.
+Local Food Photos - search for photos of nearby restaurant dishes. Use this from your phone to look for what's available to eat nearby.
+Add a Place - all notes left on this website have GPS information attached to it and this allows other people to search for information about their location shared by others.
+Add a location to an Instagram Photo - Copy the Instagram share url and paste it in directly, get the GPS location from your phone, add a note, and click submit.
+Share a Tip - This is the more advanced way of submitting a note. It has the ability to add an Instagram photo.
+Regions - see places shared by regions.

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