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To find the location, enable GPS. The page can also save notes on previous locations. See Instructions.

Press button for Location.

Press button for Map.


Press button to show places.

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Enter notes for the location, and then press save note. To show saved places, click on Show Places. To share the location link by Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail, click the appropriate link.

Turn on GPS in the settings of the smart phone. In Android, go to Settings, then Locations and Security, then turn on GPS. "Use Wireless Networks" can also be turned on but this is usually less accurate, and enabling both leads the phone to use this quicker less reliable method. Location Settings have to be turned on in the Android browser. Press the Menu button, then press More, then Settings, then Enable Location Access.

Use this page to save addresses instead of typing in locations. Get the GPS location, then copy and paste the map link into the address book contact under website. Long press the map link to copy it.

This page can work abroad without the data network. If you take your phone abroad, download this page on a wifi network. Then take notes and save locations while the page is still loaded in the browser, don't navigate away from the page.

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Local Spots will obtain your current location. Make sure your location service is turned on your mobile phone. Click on a distance to search and it will show local photos. Click on the photos to see a map of this spot and related information. The search distance can be narrow enough to search within a mall to large enough to search the entire globe. Contact me on Twitter @gpshereinfo. Other ways to Contact for more information.